William (Bill) Hoggard

William (Bill) Hoggard has been a part of DC Strings Workshop since mid – 2017
when wind instruments first joined the DC Strings orchestra, and he became the
orchestra’s first manager in January 2020. Although this is Mr. Hoggard’s first
time working in this position, his background is well suited for this work.

Mr. Hoggard holds an undergraduate degree in Business (Finance) and minored in
applied music. His graduate field of study is Project Management. Early in his life,
he had the opportunity to showcase his individual music talents as a member
of the famed US Continental Army Band. After eight years of being a professional
Army musician, Mr. Hoggard received a commission as an officer in the US Army.
Here he honed skills as a Personnel Systems Officer and Financial Manager. Upon
Retiring from the military, Mr. Hoggard operated his own successful business for
ten years. For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Hoggard has continued to work as a
civil servant with many government agencies lending his skills as a Human Resources
or Financial Management professional.

Mr. Hoggard continues to play with various music groups when possible. Not only the
passion to play, but also the mission of DC Strings Workshop drives Mr. Hoggard to
make this group as successful as possible.