Learn 24

DC Strings Workshop operates from the belief that all people, particularly young people,  should experience the joy of music, and access to quality music instruction.

The DC Strings team advocates at the local, state, and national level for public and charter schools to develop strong music programs and works with community partners to expand access to high-quality music programs, particularly in underserved areas.

Each summer, with generous support from the Deputy Mayor of Education,  DC Strings facilitates three unique virtual music camps for children ages 5 to 16 throughout the Washington, DC. This special camp is called Learn 24. 

Reaching approximately 50 students in each session, the Summer Camp offers an intensive six-week program with a broad curriculum that gives each child the chance to try a variety of instruments—piano, strings and percussion—to determine which best suits them. Pre-pandemic, DC Strings led music programming with DC Parks and Recreation serving more than 200 students through four-weeks of instruction. 

The Music Camps bring children together from communities all over the DC area to bond over the love of music and forge friendships that can last a lifetime. To confront any existing trauma, students also participate in group therapy focused on addressing the impact of adverse events and building resilience. This program seeks to use music as a bridge to equip students with new tools to process and safely heal from these experiences. 

Recognizing that most schools in the DC Public School System have not prioritized or cannot afford to have a dedicated teacher on staff, DC Strings Workshop also reaches youth and others through masterclasses, private lessons, workshops, presentations, and performances. Each year, DC Strings Workshop provides free instruments to students and underwrites thousands of private lessons.