Welcome Julien Benichou to the DC Strings Family!

We are thrilled to welcome our new Conductor of the Accord Symphony Orchestra! Maestro Julien Benichou, a luminary of the classical music world whose expertise and musical finesse, promises to elevate our artistic endeavors and your listening pleasure to new heights!

With an illustrious career conducting orchestras around the globe and a passion for cultivating the next generation of musical virtuosos, Julien brings an unparalleled depth of experience and an inspiring vision to our ensemble. His dedication to innovation, artistic excellence, and community engagement aligns seamlessly with DC Strings’ ethos and commitment to fostering cultural enrichment.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter and delve into the second half of our performance calendar, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our patrons, supporters, and music aficionados whose unwavering support fuels our mission to bring the beauty of music to our entire community.

View our calendar of upcoming performances and special events showcasing Julien’s brilliance and the magic of music!