Healing Notes: DC Strings provides comfort during the pandemic

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and civil and social unrest, DC Strings served as a force for calm and support, operating from the belief that music is a unifying and positive outlet for the entire community. 

During this critical time, the musicians of DC Strings tuned and polished their instruments and continued to play in uncertain times.  

 The organization hosted more than seven concerts in-person and outdoors, as well as virtual performances, to help communities cope with stress, isolation, and anxiety. 

Additionally, DC Strings safely trained more than 150 youth through private lessons, masterclasses, and group therapy. 

DC Strings convened critical conversations with musicians, artists, educators, and social activists to discuss the future of music education, the orchestra as an institution, and how to create more inclusive environments.

For many of the musicians, it was also a healing source. 

“After almost 30 years of playing, I’m as grateful as ever for the gift of music!,” said violinist Mijin Paik. “During the pandemic, in particular, being able to play music safely was a real saving grace for me and my sanity.”

Founded in 2017, DC Strings Workshop brings the love of classical and other music to all parts of the Washington, DC region and to people of all ages. Highlighting the beauty and diversity that exists in classical music, DC Strings Workshop realizes its mission to share and present music to communities that often are overlooked through a mix of performances, education and dynamic masterclasses and workshops.

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